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Adjusting report settings in Report Designer

Accountants Enterprise only

To adjust report settings
  1. Open the Reports Designer page. See Opening reports for advanced formatting or editing.
  2. Click Page Setup on the Tasks bar. The Report Settings window opens.
  3. Click Printer Settings.
  4. Check and adjust (if necessary) the way your report will be printed.
  5. Click Global Settings.
  6. Set the Ruler Units.
  7. Click Page Setup.
  8. Add a Gutter margin to allow for binding your report, if necessary.
  9. Click OK. To apply the changes to the report layout.
  10. Close the Report Designer page. A Save Changes message is displayed.
  11. Click Yes. To close the Save Changes message and save the updates. The Save report layout window opens.
  12. Select the Overwrite existing report option.
  13. Click OK to save and close the Report Designer page.
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