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Advanced report formatting and editing

Accountants Enterprise only

You can create, format and edit reports using the Report Designer window.

If you require only basic reports, you should use the tools and methods described in Basic report formatting and editing.

While you can start your layout in the Change Report area, once you are in the Report Designer window you are still able to add fields and add totals, although the way you approach these tasks is a little different.

From the Change Report page you can click the Report Designer icon,

to open the Report Designer window.

Whether you start your layout in the Change Report area or not you need to:

  • select a reporting sub-area for the layout. This gives you access to data.

  • select a report template.

  • add data fields.

  • add totals and filters.

Once you start working in the Report Designer area, you must:

  • define the report settings.

  • insert additional headers and footers as required.

  • select or insert objects into the headers, detail area and footers.

  • edit the properties of the objects.

  • apply borders, if required.

  • apply styles to an object, if required.

  • align objects for presentation.

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