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Authorising and posting bills

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

Once a draft bill for a client has been submitted, authorise and post the bill. This process moves the client WIP into debtors, enabling the practice to keep track of its financial exposure.

Bills can be authorised individually as they are submitted within the Billing Main page or you can use the batch authorisation function available on the Homepage for authorising multiple bills simultaneously.

To authorise and post bills from the Homepage, the Bills window must be displayed. See Setting up your homepage to learn how to display the Bills window.

If you are using the Billing Wizard, you can authorise and post a bill in the Stage Five window.

To authorise and post an individual bill from the Billing Main page
  1. Find and open the draft bill to be authorised. See Editing and unlocking draft bills. The Entry Status column will inform you whether the bill has been submitted or if it is still a draft.

  2. Click Submit

    , if the bill is in Draft status.

  3. Click Authorise Bill

    . The Select Employee window opens with the current user selected by default.

  4. Click the ellipses [...] button and find the person who is to authorise the bill. You can do this if the displayed default name is incorrect. Once a bill has been authorised, the authorisation status changes from Unseen to Authorised and the responsible employee’s name is displayed beside it.

  5. Click Post.

  6. Click Close to confirm. The Bills Ready to Print window opens. This lists all posted bills which have not been printed.

  7. Click OK to close the window. The client’s Bills tab opens with the posted bill listed in the Full Billing History list.

To batch authorise and post bills from the Homepage
  1. Click the Homepage tab.


  2. Click Home on the toolbar.

  3. Right-click the table at the bottom of the page and select Bills to Approve.

  4. Sort the list to find the bill(s) required.

  5. Select all the bills you want to authorise or post in the Bills window. Only those items which are selected will be affected by any actions you perform.

    A bill must have the status of Submitted before it can be authorised. Any bills selected for authorisation which are Draft will remain as draft.

  6. Click Approve 

    . All selected bills are marked Authorised.

  7. Click Post 

    . The posted bills are removed from the list.

  8. Print the posted bills. Select Billing > Ready to Print from the toolbar.

To batch submit, authorise and post bills from the Draft Bills page
  1. Select Billing > Draft Bills on the toolbar. The Draft Bills page opens.

  2. Select the checkbox in the first column of the heading row. All the draft bills listed in the Drafts Bills table will be selected. A tick will appear in the checkbox in the first column for each listed bill.

  3. Click Submit on the TASKS bar. The Entry Status changes from Draft to Submitted.

  4. Click Approve on the TASKS bar. All the draft bills are now marked as Authorised. An error message will be displayed if you do not have authority to approve these bills or if the selected bills have not been submitted.

  5. Click Post on the TASKS bar. All the authorised bills are now marked as Posted. An error message will be displayed if you do not have authority to post these bills or if the bills have not been approved.

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