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Correcting an incorrectly posted bill

In Practice Manager there are three (3) methods of correcting errors on posted bills:

  • reverse the bill if the work in progress (WIP) is to be reinstated and recreate the bill if required,
  • process a debtors adjustment to reduce the amount owing on an invoice,
  • create a credit note to credit the debtor ledger and reduce the overall debtor ledger balance.


The documents below details each of these methods. Review the relevant document for your product and decide which option best suits your current circumstances.

Reversing a bill

In cases where the bill amount is incorrect or the bill was raised against the wrong client and the WIP is to be returned to the WIP ledger of the client(s), you'll need to Reversing bills The WIP is then available to be billed again with the correct amounts.

Make an adjustment to the bill through the adjustment process

Adjust the bill in cases where the WIP is not be returned to the WIP ledger of the client(s) and where the amount of an existing bill is to be increased or decreased. Entering debtor adjustments / writing off debtor amounts do not affect fee reports/year to date sales figures.

Common adjustment reasons are:

  • adjusting for small over payments
  • adjusting for small under payments
  • writing off amounts and recording them as a bad debt.

Create a credit note

Credit notes are generally raise when a client disputes a bill. A Credit notes will record a credit against current or future work.

  • These entries may not be allocated to a specific bill until such time as that future work is done and the bill for that worked is posted.
  • Credit notes can also be used to record discounts against existing bills where the fee reports are to be updated with the value of the discount.
  • Credit notes will reduce year to date sales figures.
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