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Credit notes

Practice Manager only

You may need to issue a credit note to a client if the client disputes the bill amount and you don't want to reverse and reissue the bill for a lesser amount. The amount of the credit note will reduce the balance in the client's Debtor ledger.

Credit notes are raised via the Billing Wizard by adding a negative Miscellanous Charge for the net amount you wish to credit the client's ledger by.

We recommend that you enter a brief explanation of why the credit note is being raised in the Notes field of the Create New Billing Charge window.


Credit Notes:

  • Will not affect the WIP Ledger

  • Will appear in the client Fees report(s) and reduce PTD and YTD fees.

  • Will appear in the client’s Bills tab.

You should have a relevant Task code set up ready for you to select to register the charge as a credit note.

To enter a credit note / negative miscellaneous charge
  1. In Practice Manager, open the client and go to the Bills tab.
  2. Click Billing Wizard on the TASKS bar. Stage One of the Billing Wizard opens.
  3. Ensure the Style is changed to be your customised credit note layout.
  4. Click Next after entering the required information. Stage Two of the Billing Wizard appears.
  5. Click the [+] icon, Create miscellaneous charge, in the top left-hand side of the screen. The Select Client Assignment/Job Type screen opens.
  6. Highlight the relevant assignment/job type and click Add. The Create new billing charge screen appears.
  7. Select the type of credit note from the Type drop-down list, enter the net amount as a negative and any notes required and click OK. The Select Client Assignment/Job Type screen appears.

    The Type of credit note you select will determine if the amount entering will include tax or not. To check the tax rate set-up on the code, go to Maintenance > Miscellaneous > Code Types and expand [+] the Misc Charge code type.
  8. Click Close. The Stage Two screen appears with the miscellaneous charge total.
  9. Click Next. Stage Three of the Billing Wizard is displayed.
  10. Enter any paragraph text to appear on the bill and finalise it in the usual way. The credit note is listed as a new bill in the Full Billing History for the client.
To allocate the credit note
  1. In Practice Manager, open the client and click Debtors ledger from the TASKS bar. The Debtors Ledger opens.

  2. Click the credit note.

  3. Press and hold [Ctrl] and click the original bill.

  4. Click Allocate. The credit note is allocated against the original bill.

To set up a new Miscellaneous Charge task code for credit notes
  1. In MYOB PM, follow the menu path Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Miscellaneous > Code Types. The Code Types screen appears.
  2. Click the [+] for Misc Charge. The list of codes for the code type appears.
  3. In the new record row, complete the fields:
    • Code
    • Short Name
    • Description
    • Unit
    • Markup
    • Tax Rate 
    • CRM Type/Availability

    For the Code, Short Name or Description you could use an abbreviation and for the code and short name and type the description of Credit Note taxable

    Ensure you select the relevant tax rate for example, Taxable Supplies (10.00%) at the Tax Rate field.

  4. Click OK. The Task Code is created.

For AE sites, if no nominal code defaults are set up, you will need to manually add a nominal account under the Nominal column for this new miscellaneous code type under Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Nominal Codes > Data Entry Codes Available for Company tab. 

Once this is complete, you should then set up your default nominal codes from Maintenance > Ledger Maintenance > Nominal Codes > Nominal Code Defaults tab, so you do not have to manually apply a nominal code to a new task code again, as the system will then apply a default nominal when the new code is created.

For more details on creating new task codes and nominal code defaults, refer to Creating a new task code for timesheet/disbursement data entry.



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