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Customising bill layouts

Practice Manager only

You can customise the bill layout and text that is displayed within a client bill. Once the bill amounts have been decided in the Bill Amounts window, define the bill content. There are a number of ways to control the bill’s format.

To define bill layouts from the Bill Paragraphs window
  1. Open the Bill Paragraphs window. This window is accessed from the Billing Main page by clicking Bill Paragraphs


  2. Ensure that you are in Edit Bill mode. See Editing and unlocking draft bills.

  3. Change the Print Line Detail drop-down selections. This enables you to view different levels of detail with regard to time and expenses and customise the bill to client requirements or practice standards. The four Print Line Detail drop-downs enable you to determine the amount of detail displayed for the various transactions you are billing. See the The Bill Paragraphs window for more information on the transaction types and the available options.

  4. Use Master Paragraphs to include/remove specific text. See Master paragraphs.

  5. Copy the contents of a previous bill for the current client or another client using the Posted Bills window.

  6. Enter or edit text in the edit field bill lines.

  7. Allocate billing amounts to the billing paragraphs.

  8. Apply formatting to the text, such as bold, underline, colour and fonts.

To define bill layouts from the Billing Main page
  1. Open the Billing Main page.

  2. Ensure that you are in Edit Bill mode. See Editing and unlocking draft bills.

  3. Select a different bill template from the Style drop-down.

To define bill layouts using Microsoft Word
  1. Preview and save the draft bill in Microsoft Word.

  2. Edit the text to customise the bill (once it has been approved).

The templates available are Microsoft Word templates stored in a network directory. These can be configured for use by your system administrator using Maintenance > Maintenance Map (AO) > Documents > Document Styles (if you have the necessary permissions). Or ask your MYOB consultant about additional style templates which can be created for your bills to add a personal touch to your practice’s bills.

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