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Document views

Accountants Enterprise only

You can select how to manage documents associated with assignments, clients, contacts or suppliers. The option selected is a practice-wide setting. To select your document storage settings, see Selecting your document storage settings.

The two available options are:

List view

This is the default option for managing and viewing documents. You can create links to individual assignment, client, contact or supplier documents. Document links are listed for the selected assignment, client, contact or supplier. Additional data, such as a description, can be stored with each document link.

Windows Explorer view

This content applies to you if you do not have Document Manager.

This view enables you to specify a documents folder for each client, contact or supplier and manage documents within the folder using standard Windows features like drag and drop, cut, copy and paste.

You are not able to store any additional data relating to the documents in this view as you can with the List view.

No security settings are employed to prevent team members from adding, editing and deleting documents in the Windows Explorer view. Your practice must set the appropriate security for the documents folder on the network.

If this view is selected for your practice:

  • A default documents directory is set for each existing client and contact, based on the Document Startup Path and Client/Contact Algorithm currently defined for your practice. You can modify the default folder for each client, contact or supplier. See Changing the documents folder.

  • The Documents tab displays a Windows Explorer view of the selected documents for each client, contact or supplier.

  • Shortcuts are created under the default directory for any documents that are currently listed on the Documents tab but are not located within the default directory.

  • All document descriptions are lost.

  • You will not be able to add documents to assignments.

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