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Editing a disbursement

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You can edit a disbursement if:

  • the transactions are unbilled

  • the time processing period has not closed

  • the disbursement date is later than the timesheet lock date (if set).

Any items in red cannot be changed as they are either partially or fully billed.

To edit a disbursement
  1. Select Open > Practice Disbursement from the
     menu. The Disbursements Entry page opens.
  2. If you need to edit a disbursement for a different day, adjust the date in the Time Period. Click
     to move forward and back a day at a time, or click
     to select a date from a pop up calendar.
  3. Edit the Date, Ref, Quantity, Cost, Charge and Comment columns, as required.
  4. Click Save in the Tasks bar to save the disbursement.
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