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Editing phone and other details

To edit phone and other details for a client, contact or supplier
  1. Find and open the client, contact or (AE) supplier.

  2. Click the Addresses tab. The existing address information for this client, contact or supplier is listed.

  3. To change the description used for a phone number (for example, to change a Business phone number to a Business Fax), select the new description from the respective drop-down.

  4. To edit an existing phone, fax or mobile number, overtype the existing number in the Detail column.
  5. To edit an email or website address:
    1. Select a different Description that is not an email or website type from the drop-down.

    2. Edit the address.
    3. Re-select the original description.
  6. Repeat the above steps for any other changes.

  7. Click OK.To save the entered information and close the tab.

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