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Employee group security


Every employee has to be part of at least one security group before they can use the database.

Employee Group Security is used to add employees to security groups to define their access rights to the software. This is usually completed when using the Add New Employee wizard to create a record of an employee, but can also be done through the Employee page > Security Groups tab.

Security groups are used to group employees together who will use the same features of the database. Employees can be grouped together for various reasons, but normally it is because they are at the same staff level or they perform similar duties.

Organising employees into groups makes it easier to manage security because you can assign task permissions to security groups and then add the employees to the groups. When the employees log on to the application they inherit the permissions for the groups they belong to.

When you add an employee, you will see two lists. They are:

  • Is not a member of… which shows the security groups set up in the system.

  • Is a member of… which is blank until you add the security groups from the first listing.

Default security groups

Security group



Basic 1


Enables personal timeSheet/disbursement entry and basic client contact access.

Basic 2





Full access apart from high risk Maintenance Codes and personal details.



Full access apart from high risk Maintenance Codes.



Full access apart from high risk Maintenance Codes.



Full access but can only see timesheets that they have access to.



Full access.



Full access.



Full access apart from high risk Maintenance Codes.

Generating a report of employees and their security groups (AE)

From Employee Group Security, you can see the security group that an individual employee belongs to, and add and remove employees from security groups.

However, there is no report that currently allows you to see a list of all employees and their corresponding security groups.

The attached MS Excel spreadsheet List of Employees and their security groups.xls can be downloaded and saved to a location on any workstation running AE Practice Manager.

Open the spreadsheet, and go to Data > Refresh Data. If you are prompted with an SQL Server Login, enter your SQL password.

This spreadsheet is designed to provide basic information catering for a broad range of requirements. If changes are needed to the spreadsheet, they may be undertaken as a chargeable service, in the same way as report customisations.

  1. Download the spreadsheet using the link below.

  2. Double click the spreadsheet to open the spreadsheet.

  3. Click Data > Refresh Data or Refresh All, depending on your version of Microsoft Excel.
    For Excel 2007, click DataRefresh All > Refresh, and click OK to accept the Microsoft Excel Security Notice.

    If you are prompted with an SQL Server Login screen, you will need to enter your SQL password and click OK.

    The details for your practice will display in the spreadsheet.

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