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Entering Employee Budgets (AO)

In MYOB Accountants Office Practice Manager (AO PM), prior to the start of a new accounting year, sites using employee budgets need to enter the budgets for the new year.

How to update the budget for each employee
  1. In AO, on the toolbar, click the Contacts drop- down and select Employees. The Find Employees screen appears.
  2. In the Search for field, type the employee code and click Search. The Employee record appears.
  3. Double-click the Employee name to open the record. The Employee record appears.
  4. Click the Budget tab. The Budget tab appears.
  5.  From the drop down list, select the Budget Year. The budget year displays.

  6. Enter the budget amounts for the employee, referring to the table below.

  7. Click OK. The changes are saved.

Budget Amount Fields

Field Name


Standard Hours

The budgeted standard hours per month for the employee

Charge Hours

The budgeted number of hours which are chargeable

Standard Amount

Calculated automatically based on the Standard Hours entered and the employee charge rate

Charge Amount

Calculated automatically based on the Charge Hours entered and the employee charge rate

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