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Errors when entering bill amounts

Practice Manager only

The following are common error messages that may be displayed when entering bill amounts:

  • Bill included transactions dated after invoice date.

    This error message indicates that the invoice date is earlier than the transactions you are billing. You can click Yes to continue, however, it is best practice not to include transactions from the next month in a bill dated in the current month. For example, including a timesheet dated in December for a bill dated in November. This may mean that you have reconciliation issues with month end reports. In this instance, it is best to change the invoice date to be December.

  • Bill includes transactions already in another draft.

    This error message indicates that the transaction you are billing have already been included in another draft (unposted) bill. Click No and review the other bill to determine which bill should be inlcuding the transaction(s) otherwise, you will overbill/ double bill a WIP entry.

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