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Extra tab

The Extra tab is available on the:

  • (AE) Assignment Details page

  • Client page

  • Contacts page

  • Employee page

  • (AE) Suppliers page.

The Extra tab is used to maintain extra lists, types and field information. The extra list is used to store information that cannot be logically stored elsewhere in the contact, client, (AE) assignment, employee or (AE) supplier areas.

Extra lists and fields are configured by the system administrator in Maintenance.

Each Maintenance(AO) Maintenance MapUser defined > Extra option contains all the available categories and fields for the Extra tab.

The information displayed in the Extra tab will depend on how the extra lists and fields have been configured. The Extra tab can also be used to create, edit and delete any of the information shown in the Value field.

Information displayed on the Extra tab can be grouped and sorted. See Organising your data.

Extra tab fields




This field displays the name of the selected field or list.

The top row of this column contains a drop-down for selection of the extra list or extra field.


The Value column contains a drop-down for selection or a blank field where you enter information.

Information is selected for the Field Type List from a drop-down. Information is entered for the Field Type Field.

Extra Type

The Extra Type field shows the type of extra information to enable grouping/filtering.

Data Type

The type of data to be entered as a value for the selected field or category.

Text denotes that a text value is required.

Date indicates a date selection from a drop-down calendar.

Number denotes that a numerical value is required.

Flag indicates a checkbox which is displayed as selected if the field is applicable to the record.

Field Type

The Field Type column identifies whether the information on the line is a extra field or extra list.

indicates an extra field.

indicates an extra list.


This field contains a drop-down for selection of No or Yes.

in the column denotes a mandatory field in which you must enter a value. The Name will also be displayed in red. The default sort order is to display Required fields first in the list.

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