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Filter prompts

You can specify a Prompt in the report layout so that when you run a report, the Report Fields window prompts you to specify the data you want to include in the report prior to opening the Preview window.

Some examples of filter prompts are:

Client PartnerFilter for a specific partner; not all partners.
Employee CategoryFilter for a specific employee classification such as Accountants.
client OfficeFilter a report for a specific location; not all offices.
To add a filter prompt to a report
  1. Create a new report by clicking New or edit an existing report by highlighting it and clicking Edit.
  2. Click the checkbox beside the relevant field(s) in the Prompt column in the Run Report Settings tab to allow filtering.
    You can specify as many filter prompts as you need.

  3. Click OK to save your report/ changes.
  4. Highlight your saved report and either double-click it or click Run.
  5. All prompts are displayed in a single Report Fields window when the report is run.

  6. You can apply a filter to some or all of the fields by either clicking the down arrow when you click into a field or by typing a value where no down arrow displays.


    You can choose to display all data by clicking OK on the Report Fields window and bypass the filters.


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