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Importing reports

To import a report
  1. In AE/AO, select Reports > Report Export & Import on the toolbar.The Report Export & Import window opens.
  2. Select the report to be imported.

    beside the report area you want to import to (e.g., Client).
    Click the report sub-area you want the report template to be imported to (e.g., Client List).

    It is not necessary to select the exact category of the report you are importing as the import process ensures that the report loads to the correct sub reporting area.
  3. Click Import. The Import Report window opens.
  4. Browse to the location containing the reports, highlight the required report and click Open. The Base on Template window opens.

    This information is usually provided with the report.
  5. Highlight the required template and click OK. The message Import successful appears.
  6. Click OK. The import is complete.



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