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Job management

Practice Manager only

The Job Manager is a deadline management tool which enables you to track the progress of jobs using specified milestones. It is used to set up, monitor, track and filter jobs and schedules that are performed in your practice.

The difference between a Job and a To Do is:

  • A Job is work delegated to an individual and managed on a divisional or practice basis. This work can relate to either a single entity or to an entity group. This type of work is often discussed at weekly team WIP meetings.
  • A To Do is work delegated to an individual and managed on a one-to-one basis by the individual and his/her manager. This work usually takes less than a day and can be as simple as returning a call or preparing a letter.

To open Job Manager, click Jobs on the toolbar. You can then select the required view from the Select the Job Manager view drop-down. The selected view is displayed, ready for use.

If you're using Accountants Enterprise (AE)

The information displayed on the Job Manager depends on the job mode selected for the practice. See Job modes.

You can use one of the MYOB-supplied standard homepages or, if they do not suit your exact needs, you can configure and customise one or more My Homepages. See Setting up your homepage.

Several standard homepages (standard, default homepages supplied by MYOB) containing the most commonly used homepage elements are included with the installation. These homepages contain the most commonly required elements and they reduce the amount of work that is required to set up customised My Homepages.

You can continue to add, use and modify your My Homepages as required, but the standard homepages cannot be changed.

If you're using Accountants Office (AO)

Jobs can be added and edited using the Job ManagerJob Sheet.

There are two standard homepages are designed specifically for Job Manager:

  • All Jobs — all active jobs for the practice

  • My Jobs —jobs assigned to you.

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