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Job management reporting

Installations with Practice Manager only

Reports includes a Job management section on the Tasks bar.

The Job Manager report runs between two dates. The date range used is the Target Dates of the Jobs. For example, 01/03/08 to 31/03/08 displays all jobs which have a target date within that date range.

Two sample reports are available:

  • Jobs over Budget — this report is filtered for Jobs where the Budget Left field is less than 0.
  • Jobs overdue — this report is filtered for Jobs where the Days Left field is less than 0.

It's recommended that you use the Job Manager homepage for most of your reporting needs as you can easily filter the homepage and then export the data to Excel. Practices tend to use the Job Management reporting area when they want to include fields from the Client > Extras tab in their report.

Available fields


Job Manager fields

Address Type

Assigned To

(AE) Assignment Code

(AE) Assignment Code Right

(AE) Assignment Department

(AE) Assignment Name

(AE) Assignment Office

(AE) Assignment Type

Budget Amount

Budget Left

Client Code

Client Department

Client Extra Fields

Client Name

Client Office

Client Partner


Days Left

Due Date

End Milestone Date

End Milestone Description

Job Note

(AE) Job Schedule Name




Milestone Status

Posted WIP

Responsibility Types

Start Milestone Date

Start Milestone Description

Target Date

Total WIP

Unposted WIP

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