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Milestones (for Assignments)

Accountants Enterprise only

A milestone is a scheduled event signifying the completion of a major deliverable or a set of related deliverables. It can have a date applied which indicates when it should be reached or completed by.

Milestones can be created for both jobs and schedules:

  • To link milestones to schedules you need to link the milestones to the schedule template. The milestones will then be linked to the Job Sheet Homepage every time an assignment with the schedule template is created.

  • Alternatively, you can edit existing schedules using the Assignment Details page > Schedules tab and assign milestones to stages. See Milestones and schedules for a full description.

Milestones are created and tagged to a schedule or job to indicate whether certain targets have been reached.

There is only one set of milestones for your practice—and the list of milestones is applicable to all jobs. If a milestone is not applicable to a certain job, the milestone still needs to be completed; otherwise your reporting will be inconsistent.

Milestones are created from MaintenanceAssignment > Milestones. The Milestones page enables you add milestones which are then applied to schedules and jobs, if required. You can define the name, whether it is shown on the planner (Job Sheet homepage) and where it is placed on the planner.

To make use of reporting on milestones, a Start milestone and an End milestone must be flagged. A job is deemed as started when the status of the start milestone is set to Complete. A job is deemed to have ended when the status of the end milestone is set to Complete.

You can apply four different statuses to a milestone (see Milestone statuses).

Historical reporting may be affected if you deselect a used milestone.

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