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Opening the Billing Wizard

Practice Manager only

The Billing Wizard can be started from a number of locations, including:

  • the Client page,

  • the Find Clients page, and

  • Aged WIP page.

To open the Billing Wizard
  1. Select Billing > Billing Wizard on the toolbar.


    Select Billing Wizard on the TASKS bar. In MYOB AO, this is done from the Bills tab on the Client page.

    The Billing Wizard opens at Stage One—Create a draft bill.

    If you cancel the Billing Wizard at any stage, the draft bill will not be created. If you click Finish at any stage the Billing Main page opens and the draft bill is displayed in the relevant Client or Assignments (AE) page. You can then complete the billing at any time by double–clicking the bill in the Bills tab and going through the usual billing process.
    When the Billing Wizard is launched from either a client or an assignment (AE) that is linked to a parent, a message will give you the option to either continue billing against the client or assignment or to run the Billing Wizard for the parent client.


    In MYOB AE, the page you choose to generate the draft bill from will depend on whether:

    • You are billing for one of the client’s assignments (in which case, select the Billing Wizard when the client’s Assignments page is displayed).

    • You want to bill against multiple assignments (in which case, select the Billing Wizard when the Client page is displayed).

      The draft will be listed in both Bills tabs for the client. The main difference is that when you create the bill from the Assignments page, you will only see the WIP recorded against the selected assignment in the Billing window; whereas from the Client page you will see all WIP recorded against the client.


      If you only enter bill amounts against one assignment while in the wizard, this is taken as an assignment level bill and the draft will be placed in the Bills tab of the relevant Assignments page, not in the Client page.

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