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Performing skills searches

Accountants Enterprise with Practice Manager only

You can search your employees for those who have the necessary skills to complete specific tasks.

To find employees with specific skills
  1. Open the Employee Planner. See Employee Planner. The Employee Planner opens.

  2. Click Skill Search on the Tasks bar. The Skills Search window opens on the Availability tab by default. The window has three tabs which help you specify various criteria for your search.

    All the fields in this window are optional. You can click Show at any point.

  3. Specify Availability criteria:

    1. Enter the From and To dates for the Date Range in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select the dates from the drop-down calendar.

    2. Enter the Minimum Available Hours that the employee must be available for work.

    3. Specify the Department, Office, Company and Centre from the respective drop-downs.

    4. Select the employee Category.

  4. Click the Employee Skills tab to specify skills criteria for the search. The options available on this tab depend on the Extra employee fields and categories set up in the MaintenanceUser defined > Extra Fields/Lists/Types.

  5. Select the relevant skills criteria from the drop-downs or enter as text.

    Press [Tab] to collapse drop-downs and to navigate between fields.

  6. Click the Work Experience/Client Attributes tab to find employees who have experience with specific client types.

  7. Use the Work Experience fields assignment type, assignment and/or tasks to find employees who have worked for a particular client.

  8. Use the Client Attributes fields to find employees who have worked for particular types of clients. The attribute options available depend on the Extra fields and categories set up in MaintenanceUser defined > Extra Fields/Lists/Types. Client attributes include industry, company size, location, etc.

  9. Click Show to list the employees.

    The number of employees found, based on the search criteria, is listed at the bottom of the Skills Search window.

  10. The Skill Search window remains open. The list of employees is displayed in the Employee Planner.

  11. Modify the search criteria and perform further searches.

  12. Close the Skills Search window.

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