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Running reports

You can save reports that are run frequently in a Favourites list. Once a report has been added as a favourite you can run it directly from the toolbar by selecting Favourites from the Reports drop-down menu, then selecting the report you want to run from the list. The Report Fields window displays when needed to select dates and filters.

To run a report
  1. Ensure you are in the Reports page.

  2. Click the report area (for example, Client) and sub-area (for example, Client partner check) on the TASKS bar. A list of existing reports under the selected report sub-area is displayed.

  3. Click the report you want to run.

  4. Click Run Report.

  5. If the Report Fields window is displayed:

    1. Specify a Start and End Date. Enter the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy or select it from the drop-down calendar.

    2. Click the Filter column then click the ellipse button. A drop-down may be available instead to select a filter option.

    3. In the Search field, type any alphabetical character and click Search.

    4. From the search listing, click a row and then click OK. The client code fills the Report Fields window in the Filter column.

    5. Click OK in the Report Fields window. The Report Preview window displays the report. You can use the options on the toolbar to change the view of the report on–screen and navigate through the pages.

      By default, a single page displays in the preview window. You can select to display up to six pages at a time by clicking the Multiple Page View button and selecting two, four or six pages. You can also zoom in or zoom out on the preview and manually select a zoom setting from the drop-down list. There are a number of tools within the Report Preview window to assist you to move effectively around a report. The Next Page, Previous Page, Forward and Backward buttons enable you to step backward and forward through the pages of a report. The Find tool enables you to search for one or more words in the report.

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