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Viewing Aged WIP

Practice Manager only

You can list all clients that have an unbilled WIP balance using the Aged WIP page.

To view aged WIP
  1. Click Practice KPI on the toolbar. The Practice KPI page opens.

  2. Select Partner/Manager from the Select the Practice Manager view drop-down.

  3. Double-click on the Aged WIP graph. The Aged WIP page opens listing clients with aged WIP. The client list depends on where you clicked within the graph and what the current settings are, for example, either Client Partner, Client Manager or Practice.

    If you clicked on the white area surrounding the Aged WIP graph, all clients with aged WIP appear.

    If you clicked on an aged band column in the graph, all clients with aged WIP in the selected aged band appear.


Creating a bill for a client from the Aged WIP grid

If you want to create a bill for a client listed in the Aged WIP grid:

  1. Select the row containing the relevant client.
  2. Click Billing Wizard in the Tasks bar

    If you click the Client name, the Client page opens.

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