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AE Reporter MAS install guide—3.5.4 (Australia) - SMSF only

Release date—August 2021

This release includes changes to the SMSF Audit report only. Install this release only if you're running SMSF reports.

Reporter is a tool that generates reports using an underlying general ledger system. It enables integration to the MAS general ledger product.

Read through this guide completely before starting the installation.

  • Make sure the following product versions are installed before attempting to run this installer.

    ApplicationMinimum version
    System Release8.0c or later
    MAS6.1b or later
    Reporter3.5 (build 1)
    Reporter Masters*3.5.119



  • Make sure everyone's logged out of all MYOB programs.
  • Check that your computer meets the system requirements.
  • Disable your virus checker.
  • Check that you meet the prerequisite version numbers for installing this release:
    • Version: 3.5
    • Masters: 3.5.100 (recommended).

    If you've got an earlier Version than 3.5, upgrade to 3.5.
    If you've got an earlier Masters version than 3.5.100, you can still install this release. Read the release notes that came after your version, so that you're aware of any changes.

    • To check the version, open MYOB AE Reporter. On the menu bar, click Help and select About MYOB AE Reporter.
  • Copy the .nrw files from your SOL64 folder to a temporary location as a backup.

File nameLocation\Sol64\Reporter\Modified\Sol64\Reporter\Master
*If you've got a version prior to 3.5.118, you can still upgrade to this latest version. However, we recommended that you read the release notes related to the reporter master versions that you've skipped.

Run this installation on the server for where System Release is installed. The install includes updated components for Reporter Masters.

Standalone or server installation

You'll need to be on the server to install this update.

  1. Log in to my.MYOB and go to My Products > Downloads.
  2. Select MYOB Reporter from the drop-down.
  3. Select MYOBAEReporter_MAS3.5.4_AU_SMSF_Update and download the file to your server.
  4. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation. The installation wizard Welcome window appears.
  5. Select To continue, ensure the Release Notes have been read... and click Next. The Licence Agreement appears.
  6. Review the licence agreement and click Yes. The backup reminder window appears.
  7. Make sure you've backed up your data, and click Yes. The Destination Directories window appears.

    We recommend that you accept the default destination folder.
  8. If you want to change the default folders, click Browse and navigate to the required folder and click Next. The Ready to Install window appears.
  9. Click Install. When the installation is complete, the Installation Complete window appears.
  10. Click Finish to complete the installation.
Workstation installation

You only need to run a workstation install if you are installing Reporter on a new workstation. There’s no need to upgrade Reporter on your existing workstations for this release.

To run a workstation setup
  1. Navigate to the Reporter Integration folder: 

    SuiteWorkstation setup location

    \Sol64\Setup\Reporter Integration


    MYOBAE\AESQL\TAX\Setup \Reporter Integration

    AOMYOBAO\AOSQL\TAX\Setup \Reporter Integration
  2. Double-click the file Setup.exe. The installation wizard starts.
  3. If you do not see the extension .exe, the file to run is as listed above with a file type of ‘Application’. For more details regarding enabling file extensions refer to Viewing hidden files, folders and drives or enabling file extensions in Windows.
  4. Answer the questions as the wizard continues, then click Finish. The installation is complete.

    At the Destination Folder screen select the relevant location for your operating system: 

    32 bit: C:\Program files\MYOB\Reporter

    64 bit: C:\Program files (x86)\MYOB\Reporter

    When installing MYOB AE Reporter 3.5, if you select an incorrect location for your environment or a destination which is different to where MYOB AE Reporter is installed, you may experience the error ‘This update is unable to detect AE Reporter program files from the selected directory’.

    For more details refer to Error: "This update is unable to detect AE Reporter program files from the selected directory".

Check your version number
  1. Open your MAS client ledger from System Services.
  2. Select Reports > Reporter > Generate Reports. The Reporter Generator opens.
  3. Click Help > About from the toolbar. The window should display:
    • Version: 3.5 (Build 1)
    • Masters: 3.5.121

If you disabled your antivirus or User Accounts Control (UAC) before installation, enable your antivirus and UAC.

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