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Adding a new Database Map table

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

When creating a new table, Report Designer must be open at the level at which you want to create it. That is, if you want to create a table at the Practice level, open Report Designer from your General Ledger software.

To open the Report Designer at the Practice level (for MAS users)
  1. Open the ledger for a client. This client’s information will be used when you preview and print the reports.

  2. Select ReportsReporter > Design Practice reports

To open the Report Designer at the Practice level (for Accounts users)
  1. Open the Configuration window.

  2. Select StartProgramsMYOB Accountants Enterprise > Configuration.

  3. Select ConfigureAccounts > Report Designer.

  4. Select the entity that you want to design the reports for.

  5. Click Next.

To create a Client level table from your General Ledger software

Select ReportsReporter > Design Client reports.

To create a new table within Report Designer (on the Database Map tab)
  1. In the Database Map tab, click the New Database Map Table toolbar button,

    Adding a new Database Map table
    . The Database Map Editor window opens.

  2. In the Table Name field, enter the name for the new table.

    Spaces and the following symbols are not allowed as part of the text field: \ / @ [ ] ( ) ! % ^ * - + = { } < > , “ ‘

  3. Select the Allow Multiple Records checkbox, if required. Use the Allow Multiple Record checkbox to specify whether data fields within a table can contain multiple records (i.e., more than one value will be required per data field). For example, if you have a table containing a data field for the names of the directors of a company, you may need to add several directors to this. By checking this box the system will allow you to add multiple entries to the data field, directors. Selecting this checkbox enables the Key checkbox in the window. If the table is a multi record, at least one data field must be a key.

  4. Leave the checkbox blank if the table will only contain data fields that require one value per field.

  5. From the Parent Folder list box, select the path and folder that you want the new table to reside under.

  6. To create a table at the highest level, with no parent folder, select <None> in this field.

  7. Click the Add New Field button,

    Editing a field in a Database Map table
    , to begin adding the required fields to the table. See Adding a field to a Database Map tablefor more information.

  8. After defining each field, click Apply to add the field to the Table Definition area. The area will be cleared ready for you to enter the next field.

  9. When all the fields have been defined, click Close. The new table and its fields will be displayed in the tree list in the Explorer pane.

To make a copy of an existing table

As an alternative to creating a new table from scratch, you can create a copy of an existing table then edit it to suit your requirements. The copied table will be saved to the level at which you opened Report Designer. Use the Copy to Practice\Client level option on the right–click menu. When you create a copy of a table all the fields will be copied with it.

When creating a new table the mandatory fields are Table Name and at least one Table Definition (Name and Type).

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