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Designing reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The report templates available when producing reports consist of those provided with Reporter by MYOB. These are referred to as Masters. In addition to the Masters are any report templates which have been created within your company, Practice or Client level report templates.

If you are the person within your company responsible for designing reports, you will use Report Designer to make changes to existing report templates or to create new report templates. Report templates can be created for use practice–wide, or customised for specific clients.

Each report template stored within Reporter sits at a certain hierarchy level. There are three levels of hierarchy:


Master level report templates are provided with the Reporter software. These cover the AASB reporting requirements for certain entity types and sizes. Master level templates cannot be edited or created, however you can use them as a basis for creating Practice or Client level report templates. Each year MYOB will provide you with updated Master report templates to cover any AASB changes that have been introduced.

Master reports and templates are distinguished by a red icon in the
Report Designer and Generating Reports windows,



Practice level report templates are those you create within your practice and which can be used to produce reports for all the practice’s clients. Practice reports can be created from scratch or based on a Master or another Practice level report template.

Practice reports and templates are distinguished by a yellow icon in the Report Designer and Generating Reports windows,



Client level report templates are those created for the reporting purposes of a specific client. The client report will only be available for use within the Generating Reports window for the particular client the template was created for. Client report templates can be created from scratch or based on an existing report template of any level.

Client reports and templates are distinguished by a blue icon in the
Report Designer and Generating Reports windows,


Within the Report Designer window you can only see reports that exist at and above the hierarchy level you entered the software through. That is, if you enter Report Designer from your General Ledger software at the Practice level then you will only see Master and Practice level reports listed. If you enter via the Client level then you will see all three levels of reports. In addition, you will only see the reports designed for the entity type that match the entity type of the selected client ledger. For example, if the selected ledger is for a company, you will only see those reports which have been designed for the entity type, Company.

When creating or editing reports you will work with Formats. These are the building blocks you use to create the content of the reports. Formats can be made up of any combination of the following:

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