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Adding a watermark to a report using the Designer

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Watermark appears when you preview, export or print the selected report.

They are created at the hierarchy level that you accessed Reporter, that is at the Client or Practice level.

To add a watermark from the Designing Reports window
  1. For client level (for both MAS and Accounts users), select ReportsReporter > Design Client reports. The Designing Reports window opens for the client or the practice.

    To apply the changes at Practice Level, open the Practice level Report Designer. See Opening the Report Designer window for details.

  2. Select a report.

  3. Click Tools > Watermark Editor.

  4. Click

    to create a new Watermark.

  5. Click the Type tab then select the type of the Watermark: Text or Picture.

    • If you select Text:
      1. Enter the Text that you want to use as your watermark.
      2. Select a colour from the drop-down list.
      3. Select a Font, Size and whether you want it to be bold or italic.
      4. Set the Rotation.
    • If you select Picture:
      1. Select the Picture location. The drop-down lists the picture files that have been stored in the directory specified in the Location field in the Share picture on server section of the dialog.
      2. Click the ellipsis button to select a new location.
      3. Select the Share picture on server checkbox, if you want other users to access it.
      4. Set the location and filename.
  6. Click the Location tab. You can set the location by clicking any of the blue squares under Alignment. Alternatively, you can Fine Tune the location of the watermark by entering in the vertical offset and the horizontal offset in centimetres.
  7. Click the Page Range tab and select the page or range, where you want the watermark to appear. The available options are: All pages, First Page Only, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, Last Page only, Pages ((if you select this option you must enter the page number(s))

  8. Click Apply. The Watermark appears in the list


  9. Click Close.

The list displays any configured watermarks. The arrow buttons allow you to control the order in which watermarks are drawn on the page. The drop-down list displays a list of watermarks.

All watermark settings are saved and are loaded whenever Reporter is launched. The settings are ledger specific, not user specific.

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