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Adding client and practice non-transactional data to the database

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Formats contain references to fields in the Database Map that you need to populate with data in order for the reports to be produced correctly. You can enter data at either the individual Client level or at the Practice level.

Any data that is common to a number of ledgers should be entered at the Practice level. For example, your firm’s name and address details would be entered at the Practice level. This data will then be available to all the clients, except where it is overridden by data for the same field entered at the Client level. In this case, the data entered for a specific client will be used instead of the Practice level data. This only applies to tables with a single record. For tables with multiple records, e.g., the Director table, both Practice level and Client level data may be available at the Client level.

The Data View display of the Database Map Editor window is where you enter the actual data values for the fields in the selected table.

We do not advise you to enter data at the Practice level for multiple record tables, unless you want that data to be available to all clients.

The icon on the right-hand side of the Level column in the Data View of the Database Map Editor indicates the level at which data was entered in the Database Map. Data supplied by MYOB and not changed by your practice will display with the red M icon. Data entered at the Practice level will display with a green P on a yellow background. Data entered at the Client level will display with a dark blue stick figure against a light blue background.

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