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Columns defined by user

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Available options for Columns Defined by User:




Adds a new column to the template.


Deletes the selected column from the template.

Move Up 

Moves the selected column up one place in the list.

Move Down 

Moves the selected column down one place in the list.

Left-hand format columns

This item represents the column(s) to the left of the column(s) to which the template has been applied in a format.

For example, in a format where the column template is applied to columns C and D, the Lefthand format columns item represents columns A and B. Moving the Lefthand format columns item up and down in the Column Definition listing allows you to position these columns on the page relative to the columns generated by the template.

To add a new column
  1. From the Generator window, click the Column Template Editor button on the toolbar or, from the Designer window, click ToolsColumn Template Editor.
  2. For the Columns defined by field, select the User option.
  3. In the Column Definition section, click the New column 
    button. At the bottom of the Column Definition section, fields become available. See General column properties for more details.
  4. Enter the Name of the column. The Name must be unique within the column template.
  5. Specify the Balance type for this column.
  6. Specify the Year to use when retrieving balances for this column.
    • To have the figures set as Year to Date, the Period Start is set to Period 1 which cannot be changed.
    • To have the figures Movement based, both the Period Start and Period End are enabled.'
  7. Click the Advanced button to launch the Advanced column properties dialog. See Advanced column properties.
  8. Click Apply.
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