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Creating column templates

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Creating a Column Template makes it easy to set up columns that you want to appear on a report. It enables you to create columns based on actuals, receipts, payments, cash and budget for the current, previous or future year. You can style, apply headings and create formulas for each column within your template.

Once a Column Template has been created you can apply it to any report that appears in your report list. Therefore, you do not need to format each report for the columns you want to appear on them.

MYOB have included Column Templates at the Master level.

The Use Default configuration selects the default column template that is specified for the report.

A test configuration drop-down list appears on the toolbar, which allows you to preview the report using a saved Column Template. The default selection is <use format definition>. This selection uses the defaults specified during format design for each individual format.

To create or edit column templates
  1. Within your General Ledger software, open the client general ledger and follow the menu path ReportsReporter > Generate reports.

    To apply the changes at Practice Level, open the Practice level Report Designer. See Opening the Report Designer window for details.

  2. From the Generating Reports window, click the Column Template Editor button on the toolbar. Alternatively, from the Report Designer window, click Tools > Column Template Editor.

  3. Click on the New column template

    icon to create a new column template.

  4. Complete the details as required.

  5. Click Apply.

You need to click Apply after you have completed the details for each column. When you have completed the template, click Close.

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