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Creating new reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

If there are no existing reports on which you can base a new report, you will need to create your report from scratch. You do this using the Report Designer window.

You must have the required security permissions to be able to design reports. You cannot design reports if someone else is designing reports for the same entity type or for the same client. In this case a message will be displayed to inform you.

To create a new report from scratch
  1. Open the Report Designer window from your ledger software. See Opening the Report Designer window.
  2. Select the Reports tab.-
  3. On the toolbar of the Reports tab, click the New Report button
    . The Report Editor window opens and a default name for the report is displayed. The name is automatically highlighted when the Report Editor opens, enabling you to over type the name. You can edit a report name at any time from the Report Element Properties window.
  4. Use the Add New Group
    and Add New Format
    buttons to add the required elements to your report.
  5. When all the Groups and Formats have been added to the report, use the Preview button to check the report.
  6. Click the Save
    button. Once saved, the new report appears in the list of reports in the Explorer pane.
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