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Deleting a report

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

If a report is no longer required you can delete it from Report Designer. Once deleted, the report is no longer available in the Generating Reports window or Report Designer window.

If you delete a Practice or Client level report that has a corresponding higher (Master or Practice) level report, then the higher level report is reinstated when the lower level one is deleted. You cannot not delete a report that is currently open for editing. You will first need to close the report and then delete it. There is no undo facility in the Report Designer.

The following items cannot be deleted:

  • Master Reports
  • Master Chart Map items (or any of the related master ranges or mappings)

  • Master Database Map items

  • Master Formats

To delete a client or practice report
  1. Open the Report Designer:
    • To delete a Client level report, open Report Designer from within the client ledger.
    • To delete a Practice level report, open Report Designer at Practice level for the correct entity type.
  2. Click the Reports tab in the Explorer pane.
  3. Select the report you want to delete then click the Delete button,

     on the toolbar. The confirmation message Delete report <report name>? appears.

  4. Click OK to delete the report. The report no longer appears in the Reports tab.

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