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Deleting an item from the Database Map

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

You may find that you need to delete a Database Map folder, table or field that is no longer required. If you want to delete a table all the fields within it will also be deleted. You must open Report Designer at the level at which the item to be deleted is stored. For example, if you want to delete a Client-level table, you must open Report Designer at the Client level.

You cannot delete Master level items. You could, however, save the Master item at a lower level and then edit the copied version.

To delete a folder table or field directly within Report Designer (on the Database Map tab)
  1. In the Database Map tab, select the item that you want to delete.

  2. Click the Delete Database Map Item toolbar button,

    Deleting an item from the Database Map


    Select Delete from the right-click menu.

    You may need to click the Expand (+) icon next to the relevant nodes to expand the portion of the Database Map tree that contains the item you want to delete.

    A message will be displayed asking you to confirm your actions.

    Click the View Dependencies button if you want to view a list of all the components (Formats and reports) that use the Database Map item. You can then decide if any action needs to be taken (a Save As or Copy to retain any child components perhaps) before you confirm the delete.

  3. Click Yes to continue with the deletion. The item will be deleted from the Database Map tab.

    You can also delete table fields from the Database Map Editor window. Simply highlight the field you want to delete in the Table Definition area of the window and click the Delete button

    Deleting an item from the Database Map

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