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Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Formats are the building blocks from which reports are created. They are the most important and most complex type of item in Reporter. Formats can contain references to account information using links to the Chart Map and references to Database Map fields, as well as standard text, formulas, styles and layout.

All the available Formats for the ledger you have open, are listed in a tree view in the Formats tab within the Report Designer window. This list can contain Formats at different hierarchy levels, depending on the level at which you opened Report Designer.

From here you can:

  • View the available Formats.

  • Select one for viewing or editing.

  • Create a new Format or copy or delete an existing one.

MYOB provides you with a number of Master Formats. These can be edited and saved at a different hierarchy level. You can also create your own Formats at either the Practice or Client level.

As with all items in Report Designer, there are 3 hierarchy levels of Formats. See Reporter hierarchy.

Within the Report Designer window you can only see Formats that exist at the hierarchy level you entered the software through and above. That is, if you enter Report Designer from your General Ledger software at the Practice level then you only see Master and Practice level Formats listed. If you enter at the Client level, then you will see all three levels of Formats. Only those Formats applicable to the entity type of the selected ledger are displayed.

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