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Displaying a master level report

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

When you are working with reports, it is sometimes useful to be able to view the corresponding higher level report for the one you are currently viewing. For example, if you are editing a Client level report, you may want to know which Groups and Formats are included in the Master level version of the same item. Using the Master level report window you can quickly and easily view the higher level version.

The Master level report window is accessed by selecting the View Master option on the right-click menu within the Explorer pane of the Reports tab. Just select the Practice or Client level report you want to view the corresponding Master information for, then click the menu option. The Master level report window will open, with the tree list expanded to show the location of the Master level item which corresponds with the selected Practice or Client level item.

You can also copy items from the Master level report window by selecting the required item in the window, then clicking Copy on the right-click menu. You can then paste this at the Client or Practice level (depending on the level at which you opened Report Designer) at the desired location of the report tree in the Explorer pane.

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