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Editing a list for a data field

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The List window is where you add, edit or delete items to be displayed in the list of available values for a data field in a table. When someone is entering a data value in a table field they can use this list (accessible via a drop-down) to select the required value. For example, in a Title field, you might want to restrict the values that can be input to Mr, Mrs, Miss and Ms. Therefore, you would create a list for the Title data field so only one of the defined values can be selected.

If you expect one value to be more commonly selected than any other, you can enter it in the Default field. The field in question will then be automatically completed with the default value. The person entering data will be able to edit the default value (or select it from a drop-down).

The List button

Editing a list for a data field
 is only enabled when List is selected in the Type field.

To edit a list within Report Designer (on the Database Map tab)
  1. In the Database Map Editor window, select the table containing the list you want to create or edit. The table fields are displayed.

  2. In the Table Definition area of the window, select the field you want to edit the list for. This field must be defined as List in the Type field. If you are creating a new field, select List in the Type list box.

  3. Click the List… button

    Editing a list for a data field
    . The List window opens.

  4. To add a value to the list, simply type the value into the blank perforated line.

  5. To edit a value, just overtype the existing value in the list.

  6. To delete an item, select it then click the Delete button

    Deleting an item from the Database Map

  7. To change the order of values in the list, select an item then use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to reorder the list.

  8.  When you have completed the tasks, click OK to return to the Database Map Editor window. The values will now be displayed in the Data View when data is being entered into the field.

  9. Click Apply to save your changes.

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