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Entering non-transaction data

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

You can enter non–transactional data through the Generating Reports window or the Report Designer window using the Database Map. These instructions refer to entering data using the Generating Reports window.

You can also add data from your General Ledger software main menu:

  • For MAS users, select ReportsReporter > Enter non–transactional data 
  • For Accounts users, select EnterOther Data > Non Transaction Data.
To enter data into a table from the Generating Reports window
  1. Within your General Ledger software, open the client ledger you want to enter non–transaction data for and select ReportsReporter > Generate Reports. The Generating Reports window opens.
  2. Click the Non–transaction data button on the toolbar. Alternatively, you can also select File > Non-transaction Data.
  3. Select the table you want to enter data for in the Explorer pane on the left side of the window. The fields defined for the selected table will be displayed on the right of the window. You may need to expand the branches to get to the table you require.
  4. In the Value column, enter the specific value for the selected client against the fields in the table.

    If you are entering data into a multi record table, you will need to click the Apply button after entering the values for one record.
  5. Click Apply.


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