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Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Favourites feature enables you to create a custom list of reports with different column templates. Favourites only exist at the Client level and are only available from the Generator window.

The Name field must be unique for all favourites. The Report field must indicate which reports to run.

The View Column Template By Template Name option enables you to change the formats with column template with just one click using the template name. The View Column Template By Format option enables you to reassign the template for individual formats.

Any changes that are made using the Properties window for any favourite will be saved with the associated favourite.

On the left hand side of the favourites area is a list of all the favourites that have been created.

To use a favourite
  1. Select the checkbox next to the favourite.

  2. Click Reports to return to the Report List.

To view the properties of a favourite
  1.  Click
To delete a favourite
  1.  Select the checkbox next to the favourite.
  2. Click

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