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Getting more information from reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

When you have a report with financial information that was provided by your General Ledger, you can click on the figures within the Report Preview window to access the Drill Down window. This displays how the figures in the report are derived. You can record the source details and then make corrections or adjustments to the figures as required.

While previewing a report, move the cursor over the figures in the report. If the cursor changes to a hand you can click on that figure to access the Drill Down window.

The Drill Down window shows the following:

Column NameDescription
Code displays the account codes that make up the item.
Description displays the description of each code that make up the item.
Amount displays the amounts for each code that make up the item
Perioddisplays the period that the amount is shown for the item
Balance Type

information for all the account codes which make up the figure you drilled down into on the Report Preview window

For example:

The total will not always be equal on the report total because the total is the sum of all balances, but the report may be made up of some balances subtracting. To return to the Report Preview window, click Close

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