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Previewing reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Report Preview window displays all the reports selected for previewing. Each report has its own tab. The tabs are at the bottom of the Report Preview window. Click the tabs to view each report. Previewing reports enables you to see what a report will look like before you print it and to review the contents for completeness.

Previewing a report enables you to see what it will look like and check it for correctness and completeness, before either printing or exporting it to another format. You can preview more than one report at a time. Reports selected for previewing appear one after another in the tabs of the Report Preview window, in the order in which they appear in the list. Be aware that the more reports you select, the longer it takes for the Report Preview window to display.

How the report displays on screen, in regard to bolding, margins, page breaks, borders and colours used on your report is how it will look when you print it.

Report Preview window toolbar options



Print Report

Prints the report currently being previewed. The settings in the Printer option are used for the print job.

Email Report

Select this option to open the Email Report as an Attachment window. This enables you to enter a filename and select the file type (Microsoft Word, Excel or pdf). Clicking the Options button enables you to set a password for the report, compress the attachment and save the attachment.

Export Report 

Select this option to open the Microsoft Windows Select export file window. If you have previewed more than one report, you will have to export each report individually by selecting the appropriate tab.

Refresh ledger data

Select this option to refresh report balances with any changes that have been made to an account since the report was run. Changes are retrieved from the ledger accounts on which the report is being run and displayed in the report.


Use this field to increase the magnification of your report preview. Click the drop-down arrow and select another magnification setting from the drop-down list. The report initially displays at Full Page or 100% magnification.

To zoom in and out of the report, you can also use the magnifying glass



Shows the page number of the page currently displayed, relative to the total number of pages. Enter any page number into the field to go to that page.

Show first page 

Select this option to display the first page in a report.

Show previous page

Select this option to display the page preceding the current page.

Show next page

Select this option to display the next consecutive page.

Show last page 

Select this option to display the last page in a report.


Closes the Report Preview window and returns you to the Generating Reports window.

To preview a report from the Generating Reports window
  1. Select the report(s) you want to preview from report list.

  2. Click the Preview button.

  3. The Report Preview window opens containing the report(s) you selected to preview. Each report has its own tab.

    If specific rows that you are expecting to see in a report are not appearing, check whether it is because there is a reference (either a direct reference to a database field or a print condition, which are accessible from the Report Designer) to a database field that has not been populated. You may need to work with the person responsible for designing reports to determine whether this is the case. If required, you can enter any required data from the Generating Reports window.
    There will not be anything in a report to indicate that a database reference did not return any data.

To view the attributes of a report
  1. Click the Set Report Attributes button. The Report Attributes window opens.
  2. View the attributes for the reports listed within the Report Designer window. If you have the required access rights, you can change the following attributes of the report:
    • Disclosure level (reporting or non-reporting)
    • Entity size (small or large)
    • Reporting period (select the applicable year)
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