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Printer setup

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Within the Generating Reports window you can set which printer to print to and the number of copies required.

The Printer Setup can also be changed from the Report Designer window by selecting File > Print Setup.

To define the print settings from the Generating Reports window
  1. Within your General Ledger software, and with the required client ledger open, select ReportsReporter > Generate reports. The Generating Reports window opens for the client with the default tab displayed.
  2. Select a report by clicking the adjacent checkbox in the Select column.

  3. Click File > Print Setup. The Printer setup window opens.

  4. Select the required printer from the Printer drop-down list. The drop-down list contains the list of printers that have been set up on your PC in Windows.

  5. Enter the number of Copies you want to print.

  6. Select the Collate checkbox, if required. If this option is selected, your copies will be collated during printing.

  7. To change other printer settings such as the paper source, click Properties. The selected printer Properties window opens. The tabs and options available in the window will depend on the printer being selected.

    1. Change the printer settings as required.

    2. Click OK. The printer Properties window closes.
  8. Click OK to print your report.
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