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Report settings in Report Designer

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

To access this option within the Reporter Designer, click Tools > Report Settings. The available options for Report Settings are:

Apply RoundingDisplays all figures in a report as rounded. This feature is dependent on the underlying General Ledger. When a report with rounding applied is previewed, printed or exported, the amounts provided by the General Ledger are rounded in accordance with the General Ledger system’s rules.
Show page numbersDisplays the page numbers on the printed report below any footer content. If this option is deselected the page numbers will not display.
Show account codesDisplays the account codes on the printed report. They will display in the left-hand side margin for Masters. For example, a Detailed Balance Sheet or Detailed Profit and Loss. If this option is deselected the account codes will not display. The account codes will only be included on a report if the option to include account codes is selected in the design of the report selected.
Report OptionsA summary of the current report options will be shown in the field. Click on the ellipsis to change or view the details.
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