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Scaling reports

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Altering the scale of a report changes the size of the print in relation to the paper. Therefore, if the print does not fit on the page initially, adjusting the scale will change the size of the print to fit on the page.

Altering the scaling percentage applies the new value to all previewed and printed reports from this point onwards. If the preview or print window is currently open, reports will be adjusted immediately to the new scaling percentage.

Reports are designed for best presentation across one page. It is recommended that scaling be used for this purpose.

To scale a report from the Generating Reports window
  1. Within your General Ledger software, and with the required client ledger open, select ReportsReporter > Generate reports. The Generating Reports window opens for the client.

  2. Click the Presentation option.

  3. Click the drop-down list next to Page scaling and select the new value (100, 80, 75, 50 and 25).

    You can also enter a value ranging from 1 to 400.
  4. Select a report.

  5. Click Preview.

To scale a report from the Report Designer window
  1. From within Report designer, select Tools > Scaling.

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