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Selecting the reporter year within Report Designer

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

Within Report Designer you have the flexibility to choose the year you want to design reports for. This means that you can edit the contents of a report that was designed in a previous year or that is available in an upcoming year, just by changing one setting within Report Designer.

When you select a reporting year it applies to the reports, Formats, Chart Map items and Database Map items you design or edit while that year is selected. If you revert to a previous year all these items are returned to the state they were in last time you edited them for that year.

The reporter year is defined in the Reporter year selection window.

When you access the Reporter year selection window, it lists all the reporter years available for the selected client or entity type, depending on whether you opened Report Designer at the Client or Practice level.

The reporter year currently selected is displayed in the Status Bar at the bottom of the Report Designer window.

To change the current reporter year within the Report Designer window
  1. In the Report Designer window, select Tools > Reporter Year. The Reporter year selection window opens with the currently selected year highlighted in the list box.
  2. In the list of available reporter years, select the year you want to edit or design reports for.
  3. Click OK.

The Reporter year selection window closes and the Status Bar in the Report Designer window updates to show the selected reporter year. All the information within the Report Designer window is refreshed to be correct for the selected year.

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