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Setting the report options

Accountants Enterprise in Australia only

The Report Options edit box displays a short description summarising the options that have values. When there are no options specified, the edit box displays None, otherwise the summary displays a list of fields that have been filtered or altered.

Clicking the Report Option button displays the same report options as the Properties window. Any setting specified in this area override the settings specified for each report.

The settings specified here are ledger-specific, any changes made will be saved on a per ledger basis.

The settings available vary between different General Ledgers. When you make changes to the report options, the settings are stored separately to the report. The changes made in the Generator are applied to the current session only. It is available for all reports in both the Generator and Designer.

To set the report options from the Generating Reports window
  1. Within your General Ledger software, and with the required client ledger open, select Reports > Reporter > Generate reports. The Generating Reports window opens for the client.
  2. Select a report by clicking the adjacent checkbox in the Select column.

  3. Click the Properties button. The Properties window opens.

  4. Click the Report Options tab
    Click the ellipsis button next to the Report Options drop-down list in the Report Settings option. The Report Options window opens.
  5. Enter the appropriate information:

    If you are using... 
    MAStype in the Account code and/or Division
    AE Accountstype in the Account code, Branch and/or Division
  6. Click OK.

Report Options can also be set in the Report Designer window by selecting Tools > Report Settings, then click on the ellipsis next to the Report Options edit box.

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