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Checking, restarting and stopping Admin Centre services and background processes

This support note applies to:

  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
Article ID: 29076

MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) uses the MYOB Administration Centre services (Admin Centre) to communicate between the application and the SQL database. These services and background processes need to be running to ensure all information is sent and retrieved from the SQL database.

For example, if you're experiencing an issue for a new client where you're unable to access Client Compliance, AE Accounts or Tax, these background processes may not have been running at the time the client was created. Although the client information is visible in AE, if the background processes weren't running, the client may not exist in Profiles yet. This can also occur where the Partner/Agent has been changed in Profiles, but is not reflecting this change in AE Tax.

To resolve these integration issues, first check if the post processes (also referred to as background processes) is open and running on the Server hosting your SQL database. If this window is open (see Check the background post-process is running), check the status of the services in the Administration Centre is also running.

If any of these services have stopped, you'll need to restart the service and the background post process.

There Migrating MYOB AE integrated with AE Tax Series 6 or Series 8 where you need to stop a service or process.

The Post process windows cannot be open when the server is logged off, so you'll need to remain logged into the server.

You'll need access to the server where your SQL database is stored. These tasks may require the assistance of your IT provider.

1. Check the background post-process is running
  1. Log onto the server where your SQL database is located. There should be a window titled <YourDatabaseName> post process minimised on the server where your SQL database is stored (where <YourDatabaseName> is the name of your practice's database). This window indicates that the process is running.

    If this window is not open, the process is not running and will need to be started. But first, Continue to Task 2 to check if your Admin Centre services are running.

2. Check the status of Admin Centre services
  1. From the Desktop of the Server where your SQL Database is stored, right-click on the Windows Start menu (
    ) and choose Search.
  2. In the Search field, type Administration Centre and press ENTER. The MYOB Administration Centre window appears with a list of services or 'Integrations' in the right-hand pane. These services are required to transfer data between the database, Contacts/Profiles and MYOB applications.
  3. Click the
    icon next to each integration to view the services.
  4. Check the Status column of each service to see if it is Stopped or Running.
    1. If you need to change the status of any service, right-click on the service and select the appropriate option. For example, to start a Stopped service, select Restart all services in Administration Centre.
3. Check the status of background post-process
  1. If you're not already in MYOB Administrator Centre, from the desktop of the Server where your SQL Database is stored, right-click on the Windows Start menu (
    ), choose Search and type Administration Centre in the search field.
  2. From within the Admin Centre, click on <YourDatabaseName> Integrations in the right-hand pane to select, where <YourDatabaseName> is the name of your database. In the example below, my database is called MYOB Internal Practice.
  3. With <YourDatabaseName> Integrations selected, go to Action > <YourDatabaseName> tasks and select the appropriate action.
    For example, to restart the process, go to Action > <YourDatabaseName> tasks > Start background processes - <DatabaseName>. The <YourDatabaseName> post process window is opened.
The post process window must always be open on your server. If this window is closed, data won't be able to flow from Contacts/Profiles or AE Practice Manager to AE Tax.

If you're having any issues restarting these services or the background post-processes, for example if a service starts and then stops, contact us for further investigation. If the background post process window opens and then closes, see KB 34827: Background or Post Process window opens and then closes on the server. 

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