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Creating Assets data if the Generic Asset window opens

This support note applies to:

  • AE Assets (AU)

  • AE Accounts (AU)

Article ID: 36699

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) Accounts, when you create Assets data, you choose between AE Assets and the Generic asset system. 

If you have existing Generic Assets data, run the Asset conversion process.

Perform the following steps if you have no assets in the Generic Assets data and wish to use the AE Assets application:

  • Run the Asset conversion process - the process produces a blank AE Assets file as there is no data to convert.

  • Delete the blank AE Assets data using the deleteAST command.

  • Create the new AE Assets data.

Ensure you have a backup of your Accounts/Assets data prior to performing this process. 

To perform the Assets Conversion. Refer to Converting an AMS ledger to AE Assets (AST)

During this process as there is no data to convert, accept the defaults and continue to click Next until the Finish button is activated.  At this window select the Attempt to open the converted ledger option and click Finish
The message "Could not find file ...\Data\MYOB\xxxxxx.ast" appears.  Click OK.

To delete the blank AE Assets file. Refer to Error: "Could not find file Data\MYOB\xxxxxx.ast" when opening AE Assets from an Accounts ledger

To create new AE Assets data
  1. Open the AE Accounts ledger and click the Open Asset System icon. The Asset creation wizard appears.

  2. Select the AE Assets option and click Finish. The Ledger Creation Wizard window opens.

  3. Continue through the wizard and click Finish. The AE Assets window opens. 

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