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Exception Report appears when closing a period

This support note applies to:

  • AE Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AE Practice Manager (AU)
  • AO Practice Manager (NZ)
  • AO Practice Manager (AU)
Article ID: 18504

In MYOB Practice Manager, you cannot close off an accounting period if there are any unposted entries for the period you are attempting to close.  

If there are unposted entries, an Exception Report displays listing the entries preventing closure.

Client Bills (AE/AO)

Client bills display the client name and the invoice date

If an invoice was created in a particular month, for example created date is January, but the Invoice Date is February, and you are trying to close off January, you will need to post or delete these entries before closing

Timesheet (AE)

Timesheet entries display the employee name, client and assignment and timesheet date. 

If there are timesheets appearing for the employee -UNSPEC-, please run the C_41801_RemoveUnpostedTimesheetsForUnspec.sql script.

For details on how to run script, please refer to Running an SQL script in AE/AO

Please ensure all users have exited out of AE Practice Manager whilst running the script and ensure you have taken a current backup of the database before running the script. For details please refer to Backing up an SQL database using Management Studio

Under the Timesheet heading, you may also see entries for Est to Complete and Misc Charge where there are unposted Estimate or Misc Charge bills.

The report will also display the Draft Bill number that relates to each unposted draft bill. Refer to section 'To check for unposted bills' to resolve these errors.

WIP miscellaneous charge (AE)

WIP miscellaneous change entries display the employee name, client and assignment and the date of the entry.

To delete or post these entries open the client/assignment shown on the report and go to the Misc/Est tab. To delete the entry, highlight it and press [Delete] on the keyboard. 

To post it, submit, authorise and post the entry using the icons at the bottom of the screen.


WIP miscellaneous charges post directly to the WIP of the client/assignment.  They are used to pass on costs to the client that cannot be entered as a timesheet entry or as a disbursement.

To check for unposted timesheets (AE)
  1. In AE, check the WIP Approval homepage for unposted timesheets. See Viewing timesheets to approve on your homepage if you need to set up the WIP Approval homepage.

  2. Review, authorise and post any unpost any unposted timesheets if you have rights or get a Partner or Manager to review and update if necessary. See Authorising and posting sheets.

Check KB 29806: Timesheet display issue when viewing another employee's Timesheet in calendar view if you have an issue seeing the timesheet entries of another employee.

To check for unposted bills (AE/AO)
  1. In AE, follow the menu path Billing > Draft Bills. The Draft Bill screen appears.

  2. Click Draft Date and enter the required dates for the month you are closing and click Search.

  3. Review the entries by clicking the Draft No on each line to open the invoice/bill and either authorise and post the bill, re-date the entry to the following month if still required (if not a Miscellanous Charge or Estimate bill) or delete the entry

    Any Miscellaneous Charge bills or Estimate to Complete bills reported on the Exception Report must be either finalised in the month you're closing or deleted and then recreated in the following month if still required.

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