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How do I perform a consolidation?

This support note applies to:

  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 24011

In MYOB Accountants Enterprise MAS (AE MAS) the Subsidiaries Module allows you to transfer the account balance information from nominated subsidiary ledgers into a single holding company ledger to enable consolidated accounts to be produced. The Subsidiaries module consolidates account balances for the current, next and up to 5 years prior financial years into the holding company ledger.

When consolidating for the first time, the subsidiary ledgers are required to have the same period structure, chart structure and account details as the holding company. With the structure of the subsidiary ledgers consistent to that of the holding company, the consolidation can be performed. Once the consolidation is performed any suspense balances in the holding company will need to be removed.

How to check the period structure of a ledger?

Refer to Setting up a MAS ledger for interim accounting

For all ledgers being consolidated, the year start and year end dates need to be consistent, along with the number of periods and the dates of those periods.
How to check the chart structure of a ledger?
  1. In AE MAS follow the menu path:Setup > Client files > Ledger options. The Ledger Options screen appears.
  2. Ensure that the data in the fields for Account Code Structure and Profit & Loss Range are consistent. The chart structure is checked.
How to check the account details of a ledger?
Print the Client Chart of Accounts for each ledger then compare the accounts used, along with Type, 2nd Balance, Level and Special Use for each account.

Refer to Printing the chart of accounts in MAS

How to run the consolidation function?
  1. In AE MAS for the Holding Company ledger, from the Modules menu, select Subsidiaries. The Subsidiaries screen appears.

  2. Click New. The Add Subsidiaries screen appears.

  3. Click Ledger. The Select folder screen appears.

  4. Highlight the folder of the Subsidiary ledger and click Select. The Select item screen appears.

  5. Double- click on a Subsidiary ledger. The Add Subsidiaries screen appears.

  6. Type the appropriate value in the % Owned field and click OK. The Add Subsidiaries screen appears.

  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for all the subsidiaries then click Cancel. The Subsidiaries screen appears listing all the subsidiary ledgers.

  8. Click Toggle over the ledgers required to be consolidated and click Consolidate. The Consolidate: Enter Suspense Account screen appears.

    It is possible to consolidate one subsidiary now and do another one later.  It is not necessary to consolidate all subsidiaries at the same time.
  9. Type the relevant suspense accounts and click OK. The consolidation is completed.

How to remove suspense account balances?
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