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Migrating MAS with MYOB Accountants Enterprise version 6 or 8

This support note applies to:

  • AE System Release (AU)
  • Profiles (AU)
  • AE MAS (AU)
Article ID: 30699

Following is an overview of how to migrate MYOB MAS in conjunction with MYOB Accountants Enterprise Version 6 or 8. The procedure involves copying data and files from the existing server.

Complete the tasks in this article, then complete the migration of the Series 6 or 8 applications by following Migrating MYOB AE integrated with AE Tax Series 6 or Series 8.

We're here to help

MYOB provides a Migration Service. If you have any doubt or concerns about completing this migration yourself, please contact your local MYOB office and arrange for an MYOB Consultant to perform the migration for you. This service may require booking, so please plan well in advance.


Someone who is competent with the Microsoft Windows operating system should manage the migration.

If you experience issues with MYOB software after following the instructions below, additional assistance on your migration may fall outside of the terms of your Sales and Service Agreement.

Please read through these instructions prior to undertaking the migration process.

To migrate MAS to a new server, complete the following tasks:

1. Back up the S6CLIENT and SOL64 files

You need to ensure you have a complete and reliable backup of all MYOB AE program and Data files. You need to do this before you attempt to move or copy data to your new file server.  Please consult your IT specialist to ensure the backup is performed.

2. Ensure the new server is compatible
  1. Check the System Requirements on the MYOB support website to ensure that the environment of the new server is certified.
  2. Ensure the operating system on the file server has the latest service pack that has been approved.
3. Create a shared folder on the new server
  1. Create a folder named MYOBAE either on the root directory or any other physical partition on the new server.

  2. Share this folder out as MYOBAE with the everyone group having full control of the shares.

4. Map the network drive to the share

It is best practice to keep the share and drive mapping the same as it was on the old server.

5. Copy the SOL64 and S6CLIENT folders to the new server

Copy the contents of the SOL64 and S6CLIENT folders to the root of the mapped network drive created in the above step.

6. Install the latest version of System Release

Install the latest version of System Release.  You can download this from the my.myob downloads page.  Follow the installation documentation provided with the installation.

7. Change the path for MAS in System Release to point to the new server
  1. Log into System Release and click Folders. The folders list appears.
  2. Right-click on the folder that points to S6CLIENT and select Properties. The Folder Properties window appears.
  3. Change the Network Path field to show the new server and click OK. The folder path is changed.
8. Complete the process

At this point you are not able to open MAS ledgers as the new server is not yet licensed.  You perform the license process when you complete the installation of the series 6 or 8 application.

For details, see Migrating MYOB AE integrated with AE Tax Series 6 or Series 8.


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