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Running a Contacts or Client Compliance workstation setup

This support note applies to:

  • Timecost (AU)
  • Profiles (AU)
  • AE Tax Series 6 & 8 (AU)
  • AE Accounts (AU)
Article ID: 29353

MYOB Accountants Enterprise (AE) allows you to access your applications on multiple PCs. All you need to do is run the workstation install.

If you use Contacts or Client Compliance to access AE Tax or Accounts this article is for you.

Prior to performing the install, make sure you close all MYOB applications and temporarily disable User Account Controls (UAC) and your Anti-Virus software. This will ensure your files will be updated.

Disabling your anti-virus software can be complicated, require special permissions or a password. As all anti-virus software is different, if you need any assistance in disabling or re-enabling your anti-virus software we recommend speaking to your IT professional. If you need to know how to temporarily disable UAC, Disabling User Account Control (UAC) can walk you through it.
To identify the program location

Perform the following steps from within Contacts or Client Compliance.

  1. Follow the menu path: Help > About MYOB Contacts. The About MYOB AE Contacts window appears.
  2. Click Application details. The MYOB AE Contacts Application Details window appears.
  3. Write down the Installed Location and click OK. The About MYOB AE Contacts window appears. For example: S:\MYOB\bin
  4. Click Close. The Contacts window appears.
To run a Workstation Setup
  1. Press and hold the Windows button and press R on your keyboard. The Run window opens.
  2. In the Open field type S:\MYOB\Setup and click OK. The files within this folder appear.

    Where S:\MYOB\bin was your Installed Location noted at Step 3.
  3. Double-click setup.exe. The installation wizard window appears.

  4. Follow the prompts. Once the workstation setup has completed, the Setup Complete window appears.
  5. Select the option "No, I will restart my computer later" and click Finish. The windows desktop appears.
    You have successfully run a Workstation Setup updating all MYOB Accountants Enterprise Release files in your workstation. If you experience the error "Ceedata error: can't open S:\Data\MYOB\cds.dir" refer to Error: "Ceedata error: can't open S:\Data\MYOB\cds.dir".
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